Christopher Maldonado
I’ve know Blue Siytangco for many many years and if your looking for top notch instruction your time would be well spent learning from this man. On top of all that he truly is a good person!

Kirsten Uecker

(Speeaking of Anna) You’re a great teacher. You make learning something new fun, and also include the rich history of the dance in lessons. You inspire confidence to try new things and to unleash creativity through dance.


Maria Nela Manahan 
Master Blue Siytangco is a great and knowledgeable Kungfu instructor and also a very personable and wonderful guide and roll model for our kids. Both of our children love him and admire dearly and are very committed to do their best not only in Kungfu, but also in their every day activities, thanks to the encouragement that they received from this wonderful master!!!

Erica Welsh

Anna is a poetic and fluid dancer, as I’ve had the opportunity to watch her dance in different venues, and she is all about teaching her art to her students! The unique quality of Anna as a certified group instructor/personal trainer is that, I think being that her background is computers/IT of all things, she can be analytical in breaking down specific moves, and choreography so that everyone can learn the moves! I love the warm-up which sometimes weaves a bit of martial arts and ballet flavor (both in Anna’s background) into the hour. Even if professional belly dancing is not the ultimate goal, it helps with other movements in zumba, hip-hop, clubbing… Most of all, it’s awesome fun learning new things!


David Garcia
The best education in Chen Tai Chi, very professional and high quality education.


Anne MacLeod
I have attended Anna’s belly dancing classes for 3 years now. Her lessons are not only good exercise but fun and friendly too. Anna is an excellent teacher; calm, patient and motivational. You leave her classes surprised at how good a work out you’ve had but yet also refreshed.Recently I had back problems which meant that, although I could stand upright, I wasn’t able to maneuver nor move about well. I asked Anna if she could give me some small, simple exercises which I could do to prevent my back going into spasm and to help me relax.Anna presented me with a combination of small, isolated movements to be combined with specific breathing methods, which she called Chi Belly. The very first time she took me through this routine I felt my body relax and my muscles release the tension, which I was unaware of them holding. The exercises are designed to be completed as a routine or done separately, depending on how much time I have, where I am and how much pain I’m in. I find them easy to do yet the results are, for me, impressive.When I attended my physical therapy appointment my therapist was extremely impressed with what I had been given, thought it complemented my PT exercises very well, and encouraged other patients to think about learning similar relaxation exercise techniques.

I am very grateful to Anna for being able to understand what I needed and designing a programme to meet those needs, especially when I wasn’t very clear myself in explaining what I wanted.

Thank you Anna, I hope to work with you for a long time to come.