Our Policies

Our studio, Oriental Phoenix Arts (OPA) has a strict NO REFUND policy. Before reserving a class or making a purchase, ensure your commitment and understand our policies. 

Please keep track of your purchase expiration dates and class hour credits on your MindBody account as all sales are final, and refunds are not available. Contact us for extenuating circumstances.

Ahlam Academy (belly dance) program classes are for students ages 12 & up.

Ladies who cover are welcome to attend, however, due to the way our studio is set up, we cannot guarantee someone won’t see you. You are welcome to remain covered during your classes.

No video/photography without explicit permission during class; we may use media for educational/promotional purposes.

Class observations are prohibited in some classes. Check with instructor.

Class Package/Membership Expirations:

Unused packages/tuition membership class credits DO EXPIRE and do not roll over and will not extend unless due to long-term injury or illness.

Class Cancellation/Make-Up:

Follow any suggestion social media/apps for timely class updates. Missed classes can be made up (in another class at your skill level) before your active package/membership expires.

Tuition Membership Details:

Recurring memberships can be canceled, upgraded, downgraded, or frozen with a 10-day notice. Freeze for 1-3 months. For any membership changes, contact us promptly.

If your tuition membership autopay fails due to card issues, you’ll be notified within 3 days. You have 10 days from the autopay date to update payment details. Failure to do so incurs a $10 late fee. After 30 days overdue, account closure occurs with a $25 Reinstatement Fee. To prevent interruptions and fees, update your card information promptly.

At the expiration of the tuition membership month, if the student exceeds their class hour allotment, they’ll be charged at the rate of (Membership Fee / # of Classes per Month) x # of Classes Overage = Extra Charge. For instance, ($99 / 10 classes per month) x 1 class overage = $9.90

We reserve the right to refuse service or cancel a membership without notice.

Private Lessons / Service Appointments :

Pre-payment is required for all private lessons and appointments.

Please give 24-hour cancellation notice to avoid full appointment fee.

Pre-paid private lessons and service appointments expire 3 months after purchase.

For technical issues, reach out to us for assistance.