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Self Defense / Martial Arts
Past Life Regression Therapy

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Belly Dance


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Spiritual / Energetic Wellness

Need some balance in your life? We provide meditation classes, past life regression therapy, spiritual counseling, and Reiki healing modalities.

Belly Dancing

Discover the Goddess Within – Gain confidence and get a workout learning the world’s most beautiful dance in our Ahlam Academy of Middle Eastern Dance program.

Martial Arts

The Blue Siytangco Taiji Kungfu Academy offers three programs for all ages: Chen Style Taijiquan, Kids Kung Fu, and Warrior’s Edge Self Defense

What our students say

Valeri Cavazos

Anna is one of the most knowledgeable teachers I’ve known. She is kind and professional and will give you wonderful advice! Please look no further if you plan on taking a dance class, you won’t be disappointed!

Danny Romine

There are very few real kung fu masters around these days, Master Blue teaches from his heart and is one of the few masters that lives the way of the martial arts. I looked for several years to find a teacher on his level and am so honored to say that I am one of his many students.ren!

Carly “Flo” Thompson-Peters

I came here using one of the beginner specials and I am constantly glad I gave it a try. I never thought I could be a dancer and I never thought I had the right body for it. The first class alone taught me I was wrong about both….